Earlier today Wanderlei Silva called out fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort, and it’s a challenge ‘The Phenom’ seems happy to accept.

“Let’s do it, brother. I accept it”, Vitor responded via the TATAME site. “He’s a great athlete, a great champion, and it would be a pleasure to fight him. It’d be a highly anticipated fight, very important for the sport.”

Of course it’s not as simple as that, it’s down to the UFC to decide who they will fight next, as Belfort is well aware.

“Whatever Dana (White) says I’ll do, I never chose opponents and I won’t do it now. But he made the challenge and I’m accepting it.”

After his disappointing first round KO loss to Anderson Silva though, the priority for Belfort is simply to fight again as soon as possible. There’s been talk that UFC: Rio in August would be the perfect opportunity to showcase a Belfort Vs Silva rematch, but he’d rather it was put together sooner rather than later.

“I just don’t wanna wait for the UFC Rio to come back, I wanna fight first”, he added.