Vitor Belfort Vs Wanderlei Silva might not be happening just yet, but that hasn’t stopped the two Brazilian’s from continuing their war of words.

Silva has made it clear in the past that he wants a rematch with Belfort, who defeated him all the way back at UFC: Ultimate Brazil in 1998, but it recently emerged that Silva had turned down an offer from the UFC to make the fight a reality.

After hearing the news Belfort couldn’t resist taking a verbal jab at his old foe.

“Wanderlei offered me, I accepted, but it seems he did not want to fight me, so I’m hoping to define another opponent,” Belfort tells TATAME.  “What can you do? Talk is the man’s whip but he has to learn to talk less and fight more.”

While he was willing to take the fight it seems that Belfort doesn’t have a burning desire to fight Silva though.

“I do not care about it. I’m focused on my next challenge. Name-calling does not bother me, I don’t choose my opponents. My focus is always on the next fight, whoever it is… I am the type of guy that will follow through with what I say, I’m not a man who says one thing and don’t do it.”

Inevitably it wasn’t long before Silva himself responded to Belfort’s latest comments.

“[He] can talk in interviews but face to face he is a chicken,” was Silva’s scathing assessment of his rival.

There were harsher words to follow though.

“I’ll pull your teeth out and then later, don’t tell me I am a rude guy. Soon we’ll meet again. I want to see you face to face man.”

Incidentally, it should be noted that though Silva did indeed initially turn down the fight with Belfort, Dana White revealed at the weekend that he had spoken with ‘The Axe Murderer’ again and he had agreed to take the bout after all. White then turned the tables by instead giving Silva his first choice – a fight with a like-minded brawler, Chris Leben instead.

Nevertheless, it’s surely only a matter of time before this anticipated rematch does take place.