Vitor Belfort Begs Dana White For Anderson Silva Fight

Last year Vitor Belfort appeared to be indifferent about the possibility of fighting Anderson Silva for the middleweight title, but after a long layoff due to injury it seems that the Brazilian has had a change of heart and is now desperate to fight his countryman.

After watching Silva pull off a last-gasp victory over Chael Sonnen, Belfort got on twitter to plead with Dana to give him the champion next.

“Dana please give me the fight that every one want to see. This fight will be the fight of the century. Give me Anderson”

It’s going to be very interesting to see how the UFC proceeds here.  By all accounts Silva Vs Sonnen was a huge hit for the promotion, both in terms of the fan and media reaction to it, and also the early PPV buy rate indicators.

That makes it tempting for them to head immediately into a rematch which could generate even bigger numbers.  White has already named Belfort as the alternative option though so he’s still in the running, but as it stands most fans appear to be calling for Silva Vs Sonnen 2 and White said earlier this week that he sees his job as, “giving fans the fights they want to see.”


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