Vitor Belfort demolished Yoshihiro Akiyama this evening in Philadelphia in the co-main event of UFC 133 to the delight of the Philly crowd.

The end came very swiftly. After a brief feeling out process the two began to exchange and after Akiyama cheekily launched a front kick – the same weapon that his opponent was KO’d by in his last fight – Belfort fired back with offense of his own with immediate effect.

Two lunging straight left’s did the initial damage, dropping Akiyama to the canvas. The Japanese fighter did groggily manage to get back to his feet under a barrage of strikes, but Belfort was firing on all cylinders now and he was all over him immediately with more damaging blows.

Back down to the canvas went Akiyama and as he struggled to survive Belfort landed another couple of jackhammer strikes that finally KO’d his opponent, leaving him sprawled face first on the mat.

This was a great performance by Belfort, bringing back memories of his heyday with his fast hands and KO power. Immediately afterwards he shouted out “I’m back”, and on this evidence few will disagree with him.