Vitor Belfort Fires Back At Former Coach Shawn Tompkins

last week Vitor Belfort’s long-time striking coach Shawn Tompkins revealed that the fighter was no longer training under him, while also making it clear he felt let down by the fighter and questioned his loyalty.

Belfort, who fights Anderson Silva for the middleweight title in a little under two weeks at UFC 126 has now responded to his former coaches outburst via his twitter account.

“If I think something, but if I have nothing good to speak, I would rather shut up. I think I have the right to choose who prepares me because loyalty and respect I had. I spoke in front of him that I wouldn’t like to continue with his view but he took it to the personal side, but what he said doesn’t match with the truth.”

Tompkins had also implied that Belfort had enlisted former boxing superstar Mike Tyson’s help for this training camp, but he denies that’s the case.

“He is badly informed, Mike Tyson never trained me. I don’t know where that came from. Life is made of choices. I did mine and he did his.”

Belfort is currently spending much of his remaining camp at Xtreme Couture, so he’s not going without quality coaches and training partners despite the split.  Upheaval this late in his preparation for the fight is hardly ideal however, particularly for a fighter who’s mental preparation for major bouts has been questioned in the past.


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