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Vitor Belfort Is In No Hurry To Fight Anderson Silva

There has been much talk in recent times over who should be the next fighter in line to fight Anderson Silva for the middleweight title. Both Dan Henderson and Nate Marquardt feel that they have the earned the right to do so, while the champion himself believes the two should fight first to decide who gets the opportunity.

Now in an ironic twist to the story the man who the UFC have apparently chosen to get the title shot – Vitor Belfort, has admitted to reporter Ariel Helwani (does this man ever sleep?) that he wasn’t aiming to fight Anderson Silva yet.

“I didn’t look for the fight. Actually, I would like to have (a) couple of more fights (first).”

Belfort also reveals who he thinks should be getting the title shot in his place.

“Nate Marquardt deserves the fight, he deserves the shot.”

The comments are likely to raise a few eyebrows reading between the lines they seem to suggest that Belfort may has doubts over his ability to defeat one of the sports pound for pound greats at this stage in his career.

With Anderson Silva having recently expressed his belief that Belfort hasn’t yet earned a title shot, this latest news also puts the UFC in the curious position of looking to promote a title bout that neither fighter appears particularly interested in.

Watch the full interview below:

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