Wanderlei Silva And Michael Bisping Discuss Their Upcoming Fight

With a fight between Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping confirmed for UFC 110 in Australia, both fighters have been talking to the media about the bout in recent days.

What’s perhaps most interesting about there impressions on the fight is that while they both acknowledge that they prefer to keep the fight standing, they seem happy to take the fight to the ground if required.

It’s a strategy that’s worked for Bisping several times in the past, including his last fight with Denis Kang. It’s also a tactic that Wanderlei has spoken of several times since his last defeat to Rich Franklin, as he looks to construct a game-plan to get back to winning ways and make an impression in the middleweight division.

Both fighters also discuss the weight-cut that Wanderlei will have to make to get down to the 185lb division for the first time. He appeared to struggle with a similar cut to 195lb in his fight with Franklin earlier in the year, and it may well play a part in the fight should it reach the later rounds.

Listen to what both had to say below:

Wanderlei Silva Talks to RawVegas:

Key Quote:

“Yeah, I expect the fight to stand-up, because I like to fight the stand up…but I need to warn…maybe I’m going to the ground, I don’t know, I’m going to prepare for all. I’m training a lot of wrestling now.”

Michael Bisping talks to mmabay:

“I like to go out and throw my strikes, you know, and that’s what I’ll do in this fight. If that’s not working out, you know, then I’ll look to take him down and look to control him there and ground and pound him there. I think I can ground and pound anyone in the division…if I get them down and get on top of them, I don’t think there’s a thing most people can do about it, to be honest.”


  1. If Wanderlei can handle the weight cut Bisping is going to be in serious trouble. Silva’s chin is too hard for Bisping to crack, and Silva’s power is too much for Bisping to handle. Michael might be able to pull off some stick-and-move for a while, but sooner or later he will get caught and get put away.

  2. Hi Bruno. I think the Henderson K.O and the knockdown he suffered early in the Kang fight will definitely be playing on Bisping’s mind going into this fight. I’m sure he’d have rather avoided another heavy handed striker.

    It’s interesting to hear Wanderlei suggest that he may take the fight to the ground though, I think he’d be much better off staying on his feet. On the other hand it would seem like a good strategy for Bisping to try and work his ground and pound.

    It’s an interesting fight, definitely one I’m looking forward to.


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