Wanderlei Silva And Michael Bisping Video Blogs

In the lead up to their co-main event clash at UFC 110 in Australia both Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping have been keeping fans up-to-date with their progress via their video blogs.

Silva’s latest video sees him signing a new sponsorship with the Jaco clothing label.  The former PRIDE champion will be making the cut to 185lbs for his middleweight encounter with the Brit in February, and in his blog he revealed that he is already down to 200lbs from a starting weight of 223lbs.

Silva also states that he thinks that Bisping is showing that he’s scared by talking about him so much.

Silva Blog:

Meanwhile Michael Bisping has also been training hard for the fight, as is well documented in the three video blogs he’s released since the turn of the year.

“I’ve said it before, I want to say it again…stress this point…I’ve got nothing but respect for Wanderlei Silva. I think he’s a great fighter and I’ve enjoyed watching his career,” the UK fighter says in the second part of his blog.

“That said I’ve got to fight him on the 21st of Feb, so when I fight him that respect has got to go out the window. I can’t go into this fight giving him too much respect. Fighting a guy like Wanderlei, if you have that mentality he’s just going to destroy you. So, I’ve got to forget all that, do everything I can, and go out there and I’m looking to destroy him.”

Bisping Blog Part 1:

Bisping Blog Part 2:

Bisping Blog Part 3:


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