Wanderlei Silva And Michael Bisping’s War Of Words Escalates

Since the bout was originally announced UFC 110’s co-main event participants Wanderlei Silva and Michael Bisping have been trading verbal jabs, but yesterday it turned into an all-out war of words.

“I’m going to kick your ass,” Silva told Bisping as the Brazilian stood at the podium for the pre-fight press conference.

Later Bisping told the assembled media that he respected Silva, but he didn’t get the impression the feeling was mutual.

“The respect isn’t certainly coming back towards me so, Saturday night I’ve got to go out and take my respect, and I plan on doing just that.”

It wasn’t long before the UK fighter was trading verbal blows with his opponent though.

“You do need to win fights in this business though Wanderlei, and you haven’t been doing that very lately,” he told Silva.

The pair continued in a similar fashion throughout the press conference and then finished off with an intense stare-down, all of which has certainly helped to increase the buzz surrounding their eventual showdown in the octagon this weekend.

You can see some of their exchanges at the press-conference on Part 2 of Bisping’s blog below. Also included is interviews with both fighters courtesy of the Cumberland Curior.

Michael Bisping 18/02 Blog (Part 1):

Michael Bisping 18/02 Blog (Part 2):
(Includes Press Conference Footage)

Michael Bisping Interview:

Wanderlei Silva Interview:


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