Vitor Belfort has barely had time to recover from his first round KO from Anderson Silva before finding himself being called out by another fellow Brazilian, Wanderlei ‘The Axe Murderer’ Silva.

In a phone call to Brazilian site TATAME, Silva leaves us in no doubt about who he wants to face next.

“And now, where are you running to?”, asked Wanderlei. “I’d give [Belfort] the number one (spot to fight me) easily, I’m challenging him … I want him.”

Of course Silva has a score to settle with Belfort after being TKO’d by ‘The Phenom’ in just 44 seconds at UFC: Brazil back in 1998.

In recent times their rivalry has flared up again with Silva claiming that Belfort was, “scared” to fight Anderson Silva, while Belfort retaliated by stating that Silva, “has a big mouth.”

It’ll be interesting to see if this tweak’s the UFC interest.  At the present time it’s believed they are still keen to pair Silva up with Brian Stann, though Wanderlei has indicated he’s not keen as he has too much respect for the former war hero.

To my mind this seems like a perfect match-up to make for the UFC’s first visit to Brazil since their original fight, which is set to go down in Rio on August 27th.  That would leave room for both fighters to get another fight in first.