Wanderlei Silva And Chael Sonnen Involved In Heated Confrontation At Mr Olympia Event

Rivals Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen were involved a heated confrontation yesterday at a Mr. Olympia event in Las Vegas.

The brief exchange was initiated by Silva who appeared to get in Sonnen’s face while at the event and started shouting at him. Sonnen appeared taken aback at first, but then began to shout back until Silva was pulled away by a security guard.

Someone from Silva’s camp filmed the whole thing and it was uploaded last night along with a new rant from the Brazilian star.

Truth be told the whole thing looked a little staged, but nonetheless it’ll no doubt maintain people’s interest in seeing these two fight at some stage in the future.

Animosity between the two popular fighters began a few years back when Silva took exception to Sonnen’s frequent disrespectful comments about Brazil in the build-up to his fight with Anderson Silva. ‘The Axe Murderer’ eventually spoke with Sonnen about it one-on-one in a much calmer fashion than we saw yesterday, though he did offer him a thinly veiled threat that he should watch what he was saying or he’d lose his teeth.

Sonnen said little at the time, but has since frequently bad-mouthed Silva and eventually called him out to settle their differences in the Octagon. Silva initially appeared hesitant, with UFC president Dana White revealing that the fighter had requested a cut of the PPV revenue if he was to fight Sonnen.

However, soon after that Silva started to be come much more vocal about his interest in the fight, and as you’ll see from the video below he seems more than willing to make it happen, but despite all the talking it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon though with Silva currently out injured and Sonnen scheduled to face Rashad Evans at UFC 167 in November.

In the mean time, Sonnen claims he’s talk more about the Mr. Olympus incident on this week’s edition of the ‘UFC Tonight’ show on FOX Sports 1.


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