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Wanderlei Silva Confirms Michael Bisping As His Opponent For UFC 110

We wrote yesterday about the likelihood of Michael Bisping replacing Yoshihiro Akiyama as Wanderlei Silva’s next opponent, and in the latest edition of his video blog Silva confirms that is the case.

“I’m gonna sign this week for to fight with him…just waiting for him to sign…this fight is done, my opponent is Bisping,”the Brazilian says.

Silva appears somewhat bemused by the reason that some of his fans seems to dislike the Brit so much, admitting that they often to tell him to, “kick his ass!” when he says he is going to fight him.

It appears that the knockout specialist is more than willing to do just that however, and gives the impression that he is very confident that he can win what will be a very important fight for him after a string of defeats in the UFC.

Watch his full video blog, including additional footage with other fighters in his team including Mike Whitehead.

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