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Wanderlei Silva Confronts Chael Sonnen About His Trash-Talking

Just days prior to the news of Chael Sonnen’s steroid suspension the former middleweight contender found himself in a vehicle with ‘The Axe Murderer’ Wanderlei Silva.

While Sonnen has become infamous for running his mouth, on this occasion he remained silent while Silva held court and proceeded to let him know in no uncertain terms exactly what he thought about his trash-talking antics.

“I’m thinking. You make a challenge. You sell the fight, you make a promotion, it’s good. But you need to be careful talking about some things, like Brazil. Your talking bad things about Brazil. You don’t know Brazil. When there is something you don’t know, you need to respect that thing.”

“That’s not totally true, I’ve been to Brazil, actually,” Sonnen pipes up, but is quickly shut down by Silva.

“No, no. You’ve been to Brazil, but I am Brazilian. Like you’ve been talking about the Nogueira brothers. These guys are the history of the sport; we need to respect these guys. You challenging him is OK. You know, one-to-one, you know. The promotion is good, but you need to respect some things. These guys need respect, and the country, you know. We need to have a good conduct about that. Don’t do that any more. Because that’s danger, no? In Brazil we have a saying, ‘You have respect, you don’t lose your teeth. In Brazil we say that. Give respect. Because we don’t know about the future, no? “

Apparently Sonnen was at a loss as to what to say to that, simply replying, “sure.”


In his next video blog Silva will be heading over to Afghanistan to tell Osama Bin laden to tone it down a bit.

Watch Silva’s latest blog in full below.

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