Wanderlei Silva Gives His Opinion Of The Machida – Shogun Fight

In the fifth episode of his ‘Inside Wand Fight Team’ video blog, Wanderlei Silva reveals that he has no doubts over who won the controversial Lyoto Machida Shogun Rua bout. Silva is a close friend of Shogun’s and was one of the few fighters who picked him to win before the fight.

In his blog he is also somewhat critical over Machida’s patented elusive style.

“I think Lyoto’s style of only escaping should cost him some points. He attacked very little and only landed two knees and a few punches.”

He also says that he feels the judges also robbed him of a victory in his last fight with Rich Franklin at UFC 99.

Watch the whole blog, which includes a look at two of the fighters on his fight team.


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