Earlier this year Wanderlei Silva was heavily critical of former foe Vitor Belfort who defeated him at UFC: Brazil in 1998, claiming that he was “scared” to fight Anderson Silva and claiming that he was running away from a potential rematch with ‘The Axe Murderer.’

Since then Silva and Belfort have been given the chance to settle the score as they’ve been cast opposite each other as coaches on the first international edition of The Ultimate Fighter, AKA TUF: Brazil.

At first glance the bad blood that exists between them would add extra spice to the season, but in fact Silva has now revealed that he’s chosen to bury the hatchet with his rival instead.

“No, times are different. I met him and apologized. Once in Las Vegas, I was disrespectful,” Silva states in a new interview over at Sherdog. “I went back to old times and talked some nonsense. Then I apologized and admitted I had done wrong. You have to be man enough to take responsibility.”

That’s not going to stop Silva from trying to take his head off when they do eventually meet again in the UFC however.

“It’s alright now, and we’ll solve it the way we have to: by trading punches. I have the best job in the world. I can go in there, settle my differences the best way possible and still make some money.”