War Machine Interview Before His One Year Jail Sentence

In less than a week’s time War Machine will head to county jail to begin a one year sentence after becoming involved in a bar room brawl earlier this year, the latest in a series of brushes with the law.

Before his sentence began the fighter got one last chance to compete in the cage at last weekend’s Tachi Palace Fights 5 event.  Facing a tough opponent in John Allesio on short notice, War Machine succumbed to a third round rear-naked choke.

In what may well be his last interview before heading to the big house War Machine talks about his feelings on his impending incarceration.

“I just don’t want to go to jail because it’s going to be boring, you know?” he says. “I can’t train, I can’t fight, I can’t get laid, you know what I mean? I can’t even have delicious snacks, no pizza, you know what I mean so it’s going to suck.”

War Machine also tries to downplay any worries over what might happen to him in jail despite his reputation for being a trouble magnet.

“I’m not worried about nothing else. I don’t think anybody’s going to try to mess with me – it’s county jail not prison, so everyone there is a year or less, so they want to go home too. So I don’t expect…and i’m not in a gang so there’s no reason for people to mess with me. I’m just going to mind my own business, read some books, I’m just going to do push-ups and sit-ups, all that kind of stuff.”

As for his future when he gets out, apart from staying out of bars and clubs War Machine is planning to start his own business.

“When I get out me and my buddies are opening up our own gym in Austin, Texas. Two navy seals and myself. So it’s going to be a cool gym, so I’m just going to plan for that and try to stay busy.”

Watch War Machine’s full interview, plus pre and post footage from his latest fight below.

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