If you’re a regular reader of https://mmainsight.com then you’ll no doubt have been keeping up to date with former TUF / UFC fighter War Machine’s weekly blogs from behind bars.

The good news is that Than Man Formerly Known As Jon Koppenhaver was released from jail today after serving his year’s sentence.  Here’s what he had to say in his own unique way after getting out and getting his hands on his Twitter acount.

“WM back in the muthafuckin house!!!!!! FUCk JAIL! Shit’s whack! I’m skinny/fat/pale! Need a tune-up! Can’t wait to train monday!  Thanks to all of you who stood by me sending emails/letters/books etc. It helped a lot! Weird to be out, doesn’t feel real. The year=blur.”

Later he continued to post more messages and from the sounds of things he was finding it difficult to reacclimitize himself.

“I’m having a harder time my 1st day out than I did the whole year in jail. Hard to explain this fucked up feeling, feel like crying. I have a lot of friends and a career to go to too…can’t imagine how hard it is for the guys who don’t have shit. No wonder 65%+ go back.”

“Can’t wait to train Monday. REALLY can’t wait to smash someones face my 1st fight back! I’m fucking pissed!”

Now that he’s out War Machine plans to get back to fighting inside the cage ASAP and also holds aspirations to start up his own gym at some stage in the future.

In one of his recent blogs he mentioned an interest in fighting for UK promotion BAMMA who he has been involved with once before, defeating Zach Light at BAMMA 3 last May just months before serving his setence.  The promotion has grown since then and would be a good landing spot for him if something can be arranged.

Whatever’s in store for him next we wish him well.