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War Machine Prison Blogs: Weeks 7-11

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new prison blog from War Machine who’s currently spending a year behind bars on an assault charge, but fear not for five new ones have just arrived.

Below you’ll read the story of War Machine’s gay cell-mate, how he avoided a riot and what he did when he eventually got caught up in one, and a whole bunch of other random stuff such as his recommendation for a good dancer to see if you happen to be in Las Vegas and his thoughts on Ghenges Khan.

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of War Machine…

Week 7:

7 weeks, wow, it’s really moving along quick! I think when I was filming The Ultimate Fighter 6 it took this long… let me tell you something, 7 weeks in jail is equal to 1 week in that house! No bullshit about it, that house was MISERABLE! I don’t know what it was but it makes you lose it! I remember Kendall Grove and Joe “Daddy” telling me how bad it would be. I thought, “They are trippin! How bad could it be?” You would never understand until you’re there… lol

Anyway, that’s my vote, TUF house was way harder than jail! At least in jail we get to watch TV, read, and talk on the phone. And no one in jail can beat you up, at least if you’re an MMA fighter that is… lol. Man I miss training! It makes me regret every day that I have ever been lazy. I took it for granted – I just did enough. And why? I need to go at it 100%!!

Why can’t I be the best? I have all the raw talent in the world, I have more heart than anyone, great trainers, I’m smart, and I still have my youth! I’m barely getting into my prime. When I get out I’m gonna hit it full steam ahead, the only difference between myself and GSP is our work ethics. That’s got to change – I can be the best. I’m gonna really start applying myself, just wait and see what becomes of me.

Funny thing, last night I was up all night designing my future gym on paper, brainstorming all kinds of ideas and shit and it struck me… 8 years ago when I was barely just started training professionally, I served 2 weeks in Ventura County Jail (the only other time I did any time) and in there I did the SAME THING!! Back then it was only a dream to one day fight in the UFC, to open my own gym, to be able to support myself off fighting alone and not have to work some BS security job all night. I remember when I picked up and moved to San Diego. I had no friends there, no job, and no real skills in regards to the fight game. I only had dreams. I moved there to try out for The Lion’s Den, Ken Shamrock’s fight team. I found the gym and asked for the next try out date. It hadn’t been scheduled yet and all the guys there kinda tripped out that I moved there knowing no one or anything. They asked, “What if you don’t make the team?” I told them, “I won’t quit, if I don’t make it, I won’t know cuz I’ll be dead.”

From there I went searching for jobs and couldn’t find shit. Finally a friend of a friend in L.A., Corey Miller, hooked me up with a job bouncing at a strip club. Anyway, I remember those times in my empty apartment. All I had was a TV & DVD player and one DVD, “Next Friday.” I watched that fucking movie 10,000 times. LOL! I remember how lonely and bored I was, AND HUNGRY. I remember living off of mixing half “Slim Fast” and half protein powder for my food. I think I had stolen the Slim Fast from my mom when I had moved and the protein powder was what I had left from home. Anyway, after that it was tuna and ramen noodles. I slept on the floor, when I got sick, I suffered – no money for doctors.

I remember one day my best high school friend April Harrod, who also had moved to SD, came to my work and brought me a sub-sandwich and $20 so I could get gas to drive home… LOL. That sandwich tasted so good. She saved my ass that day. Anyway, I think 3 or 4 months after I arrived I had my “try out” and made the team. At that point, I moved in with Ken Shamrock and things were a bit easier for a while. But the first 4 years of my MMA career were filled with all kinds of obstacles.

I contemplated going back to school, getting a normal job, or joining the military, several times. Going hungry and running out of gas were constants but I persevered. I knew one day I’d be old and on my death bed and nothing would matter any more. I didn’t want to lay there and wonder “What if I didn’t go to my fall back plan? What if I kept pushing? Could I have made it?”

Anyway, I guess I’m telling you this to show you that if you have a dream you need to go for it! 100% Never look back. If you put the time in you will get your shot. My good friend Jacob once told me this quote:

“A king and his men sailed across the sea to take over an island, when they got to it’s beaches, he told his men to look back. When they did so they saw that the ships were on fire. He then said, “I ordered our ships to be destroyed, now victory is our only option.” The moral of the story… Find out what your “ships” are and get rid of them. Let no one and nothing hold you back! “Back up plans” set you up for FAILURE. They create an easy way out. REALIZE your dreams.

Week 8:

So another fake ass back stabber gets added to the list: Steve Bruno. Him and Junie Browning both have volunteered to be stepping stones on my climb back to the UFC.

On a different note, my old celly is gone. I hope he is able to stay clean and out of trouble. Funny shit is my new celly is GAY! LOL! He’s been in the same module as me the whole time but I never knew it! Now that he lives with me he knows that I’m not a homo-phobe so he told me and holy shit! You wouldn’t believe the stories. I asked him if he’s got any “action” and he’s hooked up with two guys since I’ve been here. Crazy part is one was this skinhead guy and the other a young dude who actually had a hot girlfriend, I saw her at a visit. I wonder if she knows!? Weird, I guess you never know how people are behind closed doors. It’s a trip though. Whatever, it doesn’t bother me as long as no one pulls none of that gay shit on me! lol.

What else, this big white guy came in to our module last night. Fuck man… All of us “housed” here are chill, get along great. Then once in a while we get one of these random assholes in here. They literally will be here only 2 days and almost start a riot. It took everything in me to not beat his ass! The problem was that he was disrespecting the blacks. The blacks all like me, but if they jump him all the other Whites & Mexicans are gonna jump and you have a riot. All I want to do is stay out of trouble and get on with my life so I pulled kind of a “bitch move” and let a guard know what was brewing on the D.L. You can say what you want but it solved the problem.

I’m not about to get dragged into a riot and possibly get new charges over one dumb fuck. Long story short, they moved his dumbass to a different module. Yesterday I got an e-mail from a guy in Russia! I guess someone has been translating my blogs and putting them on a Russian MMA site… Crazy! Cool as shit though! It’s neat to know my words reach so far away. So after I wrote last weeks blog, I got to thinking… I really want to help out other up and coming fighters in their quest for “making it.” It’s really hard working full-time and training/fighting in the early years. So I decided to take a page out of the old Lion’s Den book and start a “Fighter House” along with my gym in Austin, TX.

Once our gym is up and running my partners and I are gonna rent a 3 bedroom house and a van in Austin. We’re gonna keep the pad stocked with basic things like eggs, oatmeal, brown rice, chicken, tuna, and bread. There will be bunk beds in each room and 2 dressers and a couch, big screen, and DVD player in the living room. We’re gonna have try-outs in the weight classes of 145-185. The 6 guys we pick will live in the pad and become a part of our team in Austin. In return, the fighters will be responsible for cleaning the gym, passing out flyers, and covering instructor’s classes when out of town. For extra $, they’ll be able to teach privates to the members/personal train them, whatever. If need be they can work a night or two at one of the local bars or something. No girls, alcohol, or drugs allowed in the house. But yeah, that’s the basic run down of things. There will be a little contract and other details still need to be worked out, but I really like the idea! We’re gonna have great trainers and a great facility, and I really hope we’ll be able to give some guys a “kick-start” into the game while building my team up at the same time. SPREAD THE WORD!

Week 9:

My gay cellmate is really starting to get on my nerves. Just because I don’t judge or hate him cuz he’s gay doesn’t mean I wanna hear gay remarks towards myself. I almost had to slap the shit out of him the other day, he was getting too comfortable but after putting the fear in him he’s not acting straight as can be… lol

In a different story, one of the guys here turned up in an article in the paper for an attempted kidnapping. In the spirit of keeping peace in the tank, I went up to his cell, and I told him it’d be best if he went to “PC.” He told the guard that he thought he was in danger (and he was, as I could only momentarily keep fools from smashing him). The guard however blew the situation off for more than 2 hours and eventually somebody went up to his cell and beat on him. They then locked us all down & went cell to cell asking us if we saw anything. I said, “Yeah, 2 hours ago I saw him tell YOU that his life was in danger and that he needed to be moved but I guess YOU didn’t want to do your job.” LOL He didn’t like that too much so it’s no wonder that when we ordered commissary that night my order was “lost” which meant no snacks all week! =(

Most all these cops here are real nice to me. I may have to change my attitude towards them, I guess after all, the majority of them just come to make a dollar. That being said though, a couple of these guys are fucking DICKS! It’s funny though, the cops that everyone hates here are cool to me, and the cops that everyone likes are dicks to me! WTF!? LOL!

Anyway, I started working out again this week. Feels kinda good but at the same time makes me miss real training. I can just imagine how rusty I’m gonna be when I get out… Ugh! Whatever though, ain’t shit but a lil’ obstacle and God knows I’ve encountered plenty of them along the way. Speaking of God and all that, I just read the book “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” I’ve always believed that the Bible was edited and certain things omitted, but wow. That book sheds a lot of light on things. With the way our modern governments twist shit and lie, it’s really no surprise that it was done then and even to a greater degree. I wonder if somewhere, maybe locked up in the Vatican, the REAL unedited Bible exists? Whatever though, at the end of the day all anyone can really do is follow their conscience. It must be there for a reason. Maybe that is the real “Bible” & it’s inside each of us. I’m willing to bet that if you follow that, any “Heaven” will let you in.

Week 10:

Finally had to kick my celly out. Fool got on my last nerve. And not 2 hours later, I already got a new one sent in! Ain’t that a bitch!? I HATE living with people! Fuckers always making lil’ messes, snoring, and talking. I don’t like talking all the damn time. Dudes see me reading and yet still just wanna jaw on, WTF? And I guess football season started because that’s all they show on TV now… I HATE watching sports! Especially with 40 dudes I don’t know who act like their damn brother is on the team by the way they yell & scream. I’unno. When I was a kid, I loved football, but these days I don’t even pause when I see it on TV while surfing channels. If I wasn’t trying to be a “good boy” I’d get in trouble so I could go to the “hole” for a while and relax.

Enough bitching. On a different note, I may have to change my name to Reading Machine… lol. I really enjoy it! I think it’s another thing Man is losing out on due to technology. No one really reads anymore or at least I know my friends and I didn’t. I’m gonna continue to do so when I get out. I found a bad ass author named Conn Iggulden who wrote a couple of series about Julius Caesar & Ghengis Khan. It’s “historical fiction” but doesn’t stray off the path of truth much at all. I love learning about ancient warriors. But yeah, I urge you to those books. Thanks for the continued e-mails/letters of support! I can’t wait to get out and fight for you guys again!

Week 11:

Finally getting back into decent shape in here. Too many weeks of eating cakes and being sedentary got me soft! LoL! Jail is so fucking BORING!! OMG! Thanks again for all the e-mails/letters. It really makes the time go by a bit smoother.

So, my module had it’s first lil’ riot this week. Whites and the Mexicans got down. I could care less about this gay jail political crap, plus I’m trying to stay out of trouble, so I backed against the wall in my fight stance. Not willing to engage but at the same time not gonna let anyone rush me. LMAO! I might as well have been a ghost! They saw me there, clear as day, but no one was brave enough to step up. Afterwards the other Whites were mad at me for not helping… I told them if they had a problem they can come to my cell. No one volunteered. I don’t need anyone to back me up and I sure as Hell am not gonna risk more trouble/time protecting some lames that I couldn’t care less about.

Anyway, I read in the paper that @jessejane is gonna be dancing at De Ja Vu on Midway in San Diego. You should go support her if you live in SD – she’s a cool ass girl.

So I’m fascinated with Ghengis Khan. I’ve been reading about him and I think he may have been the hardest mother fucker to have ever walked the earth! Boy was I screwed over to be born in this time period. Warriors are a thing of the past, no room for them these days. What a shame.

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