It’s time for another installment of War Machine’s prison blog.  This week Mr Machine tells us about his first trip to the isolation cell, bemoans how out of shape he’s getting, and modestly describes how he got all the different races to get along with one another just by his mere presence.

“I got an interesting piece of fan mail this week. The guards wouldn’t give it to me but told me what it was. It was from Canada and included a letter, a piece of gum, and a dollar bill… lol. I assume it was from a kid, I asked the guards to at least give me the letter and return address but they wouldn’t… dicks.

Anyway, I’ve noticed some changes here since when I first arrived. It used to be a lot more racially segregated. Like in the 1st couple weeks the Mexs & Whites very rarely even spoke to the Blacks and NEVER lent them things or traded with them. No Black EVER sat at another races table and we never sat at theirs. Now we always talk/B.S. with them, trade shit, and occasionally sit at one another’s tables. Every time a new person, of any race, comes into our module, at first they act all uncomfortable and try to talk about how it’s “supposed to be.” Anyway, 2 days later they’re doing the same shit as we are. I can’t help but take credit for the changes! Basically, I hate all humans equally, so to me I just talk to whoever I am drawn to, if he’s Black, White, or Mex.. Doesn’t matter to me. Shit, I’d rather hang out with one cool black dude than 10 lame ass white ones, you feel me?

After some subtle suggestions to me, that I kept ignoring, I guess everyone saw it easier to follow the trend rather than try and fight me. A big part of that I’m sure has to do with the fact that I’m a fighter but also that I’m likeable and a natural leader.

I thought I was going to get my 1st write-up this week when I lost my temper and called a female guard a bitch… lol. She freaked out and had me put into an isolation cell for a couple hours but didn’t write me up, which is very surprising, but I’m thinking she decided not to because she knew she was being one! =)

Man! My body is turning to shit! If there is no reason to stay out of trouble for me more! Ugh… I swear. It’s depressing. I’ve never led such a lazy, sedentary lifestyle – it’s pathetic! Definitely reason enough to NEVER come back to jail! God, I can’t wait to train/fight again! My coach Baret Yoshida sent me his instructional book this week so I could do some “mental training,” learn some new moves and shit. But I’d give anything to be allowed to train just an hour a day. So BORING! So keep the mail coming! It helps take up the time! Thanks for all the support!”