War Machine is two weeks into his year sentence in a San Diego prison, and it seems like he’s keeping out of mischief so far, which is no mean feat given his track record.

Read his full blog entry on his second week behind bars below.

Starting to get the hang of things here and the time seems to be passing faster than I had expected. Couple of the guys housed here are pretty cool. Valencia is here fighting a murder case and “The Banker” is here for his 3rd bank robbery!! LOL We play Scrabble a lot, work out and bullshit. Just try to pass the time. Most of the other inmates here are just in and gone within a few days and boy do people try and take advantage!! Everyone has a sob story and wants to use your minutes to make a “quick” call. Problem is it’s never so quick and never the last call. I’ll be here a year and don’t wanna go broke helping strangers so no more of that! Speaking of money, this jail business is the biggest racket of them all! We can only buy their phone cards and it costs 25ยข/min. for a LOCAL CALL!! And the snacks are outrageous! Easily 5 times the price of any convenient store.

Anyway, I have been going through books like CRAZY! By the end of this year I’ll have read 5,000!! LOL! I got my first visit the other day… My wifee and my two Seal homies. It’s nice to see them but honestly I’d rather do my time and not see/talk to anyone on the outside. I’m doing well in here but after a visit/call I get sad. Workouts here are starting to bore me, REALLY miss training! I think I’m gonna teach Valencia how to pummel and work the thai clinch. He’s strong and gonna be here a long while so hopefully we can get some cell training going. My celly left a few days ago so I’ve been getting plenty of quality time in… HAHA! Fuck man I think I dream of sex every night!! Gonna terrorize the wife when I’m released! =)

A Black guy named “Slim” here is a life long criminal. He’s beaten 2 murder cases already, and is here on a drug case… He told me “Man you’re wasting a year of your life, you have the world in the palm of your hand… none of us have shit, that’s why we’re here. Do this year and don’t look back, this place ain’t for people like you, you have opportunity.” It was heavy coming from him and I think it will stick with me forever.

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