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War Machine Prison Diary – Week 44

Things aren’t going to badly for War Machine at the moment.  He’s only got 6 weeks left of his year-long jail term to go,  it looks like his dream of opening a gym when he gets out is still a goer, and he’s currently getting in shape with the hopes of fighting (in the cage!) as soon as possible when he gets back on civvy street.

Check out Week 44 of his blog below.

Kinda bummed out right now, 2 guys here got sentenced to life in prison this week. Shitty thing is these 2 guys are super cheerful, giving, and just fuckin’ nice guys! It’s fucking crazy to think that the system is so out of order, that it can justify putting people in prison for life, especially people like these 2. I have met almost a hundred men in this year that got sentenced to life and I’ll tell you what, maybe 2 of them deserved it. Yeah, OBVIOUSLY they all broke “the law” and “struck out” with 3 strikes but WTF!? This isn’t baseball, a game, this is human life! People don’t understand how easy it is to get a “strike.” I think everyone assumes that you have to commit 3 heinous acts, but that isn’t so. For example, in my bar fight, I hit a bouncer, and he sustained a bloody lip. The DA offered me a deal where if I accepted it, I’d get 1 year (with half-time) and 1 strike. For someone with less foresight sounds all right, shit I’d have been home 4 months ago. I said, “Hell no!” ’cause I knew my crime didn’t even deserve to be labeled a felony, let alone a strike, and when the D.A. was trying to lure me in to taking a strike and putting one foot in the grave! So he says, “Fine, if you won’t sign for a strike then you get no half time,” again trying to trap me, knowing damn well I’d rather do 6 months than 365 days! Anyway, most sign for the strike, in some cases they get 2 on one case. Then 5 years later, they get caught selling dope and bam! 3 strikes! LIFE! Shit, if I signed for the strike, maybe in 4-5 years I got a DUI and a car accident, strike 2, then a couple years later some asshole neighbor is harassing my wife and I go to set him straight. He don’t wanna listen, gets stupid, I hit him and break his nose, and BAM. LIFE!

Our prisons are literally overflowing with these types of men. Guys that aren’t “bad people” but just aren’t saints either, and got trapped by the system. It’s not right and I don’t care which way you look at it, it just is not right. LIFE sentences should be for people who are ultra dangerous, people who commit horrible crimes. Not “boys being boys.” What ever happened to that saying anyhow? Guys used to do dumb/rowdy shit and people just signed and said, “boys will be boys.” Now it’s “boys will be horrible evil men and should be locked away for LIFE!” After all, look at the prisons, they are FULL of MEN, not women. Are men “evil” and women not? Or do the laws target and attempt to restrict NATURAL MEN’S BEHAVIOR? How many of the HEROES in American history would avoid prison if they lived today? Davey Crockett? Thomas Jefferson? David Bowie? General Grant & General Lee? Shit, George Washington. How many of those “American heroes” would avoid a felony or 2 living today? I bet NONE of them! Laws target MEN and men’s behavior. Women want to bitch and cry about their rights and equality… LMAO! MEN are the ones locked away like animals, while women run free! Someone Google prisons stats. I bet chicks make up less than 5% of the prison population. Modern society is sexist against MEN; proof is in the numbers. ANYWAY, enough of that, I got just like a month and a half left!! Fuck yeah! Real excited to go home, started upping the training intensity so I can hit the gym and be ready to fight ASAP!! I have a whole new outlook on life and I’m gonna take full advantage. Also have a bunch of new training ideas and can’t wait to try them.

So I’m pretty pumped right now, my SEAL buddy, teammate, and wife just visited and it was a good one. My wife looked way hott and I can’t wait to terrorize her in 6 weeks! And my 2 SEAL buddies made the cash we need for our gym doing that anti-piracy mercenary work so it’s gonna be on and cracking in Austin, TX! Gonna be an MMA and Cross-Fit Gym with 3 ex-SEAL, Cross-Fit Certified instructors, and myself for the MMA. We just gotta find our Muay Thai and BJJ coaches. Time frame is up in the air, but looking to do it within a year, just gotta take care of my probation and get it transferred to Texas. It’s gonna be so sick! Can’t wait to build my fight team and make money doing what I love and nothing more.

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