War Machine Prison Diary – Week 47

See belo for the latest installment of former UFC fighter ‘War Machine’s’ blog from behind bars as he looks forward to getting out in less than a month and potentially fighting at a BAMMA event in the UK before long.


So I knew my 1 year wedding anniversary was this month but unsure of the exact day! LOL! Before you crucify me, it wasn’t our “real a.k.a. big wedding.” We had to do a quick Vegas deal, cuz I was going to jail for a year a month later, and we had her immigration issues, so yeah! We still have to have a nice wedding so that’ll be our real anniversary I guess. ANYWAY, turned out to be 4 days ago, so I missed it! Her and my grandpa didn’t of course. I feel kinda bad, maybe I can use getting hit in the head too much as an excuse? Then again, she spies on my blogs so I’m screwed! HAHA! Szeretlek es hianyzo! Spy! Back to jail…

Officially 2 days less than one month left! Hell yeah! Been upping my training to be in best shape possible for my release. I really wanna fight by Sept. or Oct. and hopefully on that BAMMA card! My friend Julio has been in touch with them so we’ll see! Anyway, I feel real ugly lately cuz my hair is nasty. I’ve been growing it out, to be ready for a nice haircut when released, and it’s at a gross fuzzball length. Plus, I’m pale and skinny-fat! Ugh! Can’t wait to be human again! Also I heard my Grandma on my Dad’s side died, she wasn’t in my life as of 8 though because they had a falling out, and he hated her. And since he died when I was 13, I vowed to never speak with her, out of respect for him. Soooo yeah, kinda sad that I don’t care. Weird, I’m not sad that she died, at all, but sad that I’m not sad… if you can make sense of that? Alright, thanks for the continued support! Really has helped the time pass, more next week.

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