War Machine Prison Diary: Weeks 22-23

It sounds like things are heating up inside as War Machine continues to document his time in prison, with other inmates fighting nearby his cell, and the man himself also coming close to doing so himself.

Check out weeks 22 and 23 of his diary below.

Note: Due to a friend he passes these blogs onto having a problem posting them online these latest entries are still from a few months ago (December).

WEEK 22:

Man are some of these guys bullies! It’s entertaining to me to watch all the fake tough guys in here; really they’re cowards. I see it over and over again by a couple guys in particular. One of them “punked” a guy for his dessert and continually bullies his cellies around. The other bully here punked him the other day and he didn’t do shit! Why? Cuz he was not certain that he could win the fight. What is it to beat up on guys that you know you can smash? Anyone can smash someone weaker than them. It makes you tough when you are courageous against someone bigger than you, someone that you’re not sure you can beat. And the other bully bosses all the white guys around and makes the new ones punk or beat up other guys. He says that they need to “earn their stripes,” that “me and War Machine are already striped up and proven.” LOL! What did I ever do? Nothing. He just knows he can’t make me do shit. So I see his cowardice, I see how he plays the jail politics with everyone that he knows he can intimidate. In his “jail world” I break all the rules and haven’t and will never “put in work.” But he refuses to bring any such issue to my attention. He always talks how he’s gonna beat someone’s ass, but in the months here with him he has yet to even slap a person. Talk, talk talk, but always has someone else do it! Lame. I don’t like people like that. Even in high school, I stuck up for “dorks.” I was the guy who beat up the bullies.

Hey so, I just read another cool ass book called “Forbidden History.” You should check it out! Man, the more I read and learn, the more I really see how much of the world is bullshit! We don’t know anything! Scientists are just as closed-minded and retarded as the churches. Just how the men in the past were persecuted and ridiculed for theories like the sun is the center, and not Earth, and the Earth is round, not flat – men today are being ridiculed for new ideas that make more sense and have more evidence than our current theories and “facts.” It’s comical, really. I’m not gonna elaborate here but read the book! If I can say that I appreciate one thing about this jail experience it is reading! How much time I’ve wasted doing other lame shit… Fuck, I wish I began reading long ago.

Oh shit! I just heard all this commotion next door. Booming and banging and growling! LOL! I guess the two White boys next door were throwing down in their cell! One is that “tougher of the two” bullies and this giant celly he has. Can’t wait to get out from lock down, I know that giant guy smashed him! LOL! I’m curious as to what went down but I think I know. Just before lock down the bully told me that it might “pop off with the Mexicans” (riot). I asked, “Why,” and he told me that one of them is saying that he’s a “rat!” Anyway, it must have been confirmed somehow and the giant was “disciplining him” so that we don’t have to riot. I’ll find out in a couple hours! …. Okay so, just what I thought happened, it was weak though. Neither one of them even have a scratch! Anyway, I’m gonna hit the rock, thanks for all the letters of support!

WEEK 23:

So my attorney just told me he saw some list of the “Top 10 MMA Villians” or some shit and I was #1… lol. Tito, Lesnar, and Koscheck were on the list too and Junie Browning was #2. Which is good because Junie is one of the 1st guys I plan on beating down as I climb to the top of every MMA list. Of course, as in every story printed about me, this one was filled with lies and exaggerations. Either way, once again, I have to thank all of my “haters” for keeping my name alive while I’m currently locked up and unable to fight. I’m almost halfway done now though, so it won’t be long until I”m back in the cage again. I can’t wait!

Anyway, there’s an old man in here with us now, he’s like 70 somethin’ and form Poland. He was originally in a different module but on the day they took him to court there was an “accident” and they moved him into our module to bypass the extra scrutiny that would come from the cops bringing back an old man in different condition than he left in. I guess the old guy did something to piss the cops off cuz when he left the court room they threw him into the holding cell hard as fuck, while he was still handcuffed, and he fell head 1st onto a bench. So after a few hours in the ER and 16 stitches they stuck him in our module. Cops say “he fell.” Yeah right! They also refused to take a picture of his battered eya dn head when he asked for one to help document what happened. But what can you do? By the time this old man is out and has a chance to take any action he’ll be healed up and there will be no pictures to remind anyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if the medical records turn up “lost” as well. Who’s the REAL criminal, an old man arrested for a DUI or a couple young bully cops who cuff and purposely throw an old man, face first, into a cell so that he’ll fall? I bet they “shit a brick” when they saw all the damage that was done, but either way, their tracks are covered and they can go on in their true criminal behavior.

You know what else is pissing me off? In here we are classified 1-6, based on the severity of our records. They have me a fucking 5! The only guys that are 6’s are facing the death penalty or those who have attempted escape. The other 5’s are facing 15+ years and have prison priors. Why am I a 5!? I have never done ANY time before and am looking at no time! I have been sentenced to just 1 year! I have zero “write-ups,” zero trouble here at all. I should be a 2! I should be able to be a “trusty” or do my time at a different facility where I can have contact vists and a yard. Fucking bullshit man! They only have me here because they HOPE that by keeping me here with “dangerous criminals” I’ll get in more trouble. Fucking pitiful! What kind of system sets you up for failure? Thought their job was to “rehabilitate?” They don’t even offer any type of anger management classes or anything here. Sorry ass system.

So today I came really close to fucking up. Too close. There was this asshole here, half black and half Filipino, ex-marine, and he had been kicked out of every module in the jail before coming to ours. Anyway, it was 4AM, breakfast, and I’m in line and he’s already at his table eating. I was looking around and he caught my eye cuz he looked super pissed. So he sees me notice him and yells out “what the fuck are you looking at!?” I tried to blow it off and was like “Whatever man.” Then he says “Whatever nothing, let’s go in my cell bitch!” So I lost my temper a little bit and said “Let’s go!” and took off my shirt and started following him to the cell. About 2 feet before entering the cell he stopped and I told him “Go in bitch! Don’t get scared now!” He tried acting like he needed to talk it over with the blacks first. What really happened is I called his bluff. After me calling him a “punk” and sitting down to eat I guess the blacks told him he has to fight me now after the big scene he made, but he told them he didn’t want to and chose to “roll it up” and leave our module instead. The cops put him into “the hole” indefinitely cuz it was his last chance at the “main line.”

Anyway, I’m really glad he bitched out! I don’t want trouble. I’m also proud of myself for not smashing him in front of his cell like I wanted to, it took all my will power. Shit I was so pissed, I was shaking during breakfast. But man, this shit really scares me though. I have to stay out of trouble when I get out, but no matter how good I am, how long will it be before dumbasses like him push my buttons? It’s not fair; I never start fights, ever! Why are the laws so gay? How come the cops don’t show up and tell the guy who started the fight, “That’s what you get for being a dick!!” ?!?? WHy do they punish the man minding his own business and then is provoked into a fight and wins? It’s fucking bullshit man! I’m serioujsly gonna have to be a coward the rest of my life in order to never come back again. What if someone disrespects or gropes my wife? I have to let them? This country is bullshit! Once I’m off probation I think I might leave for good, never coming back.

This one guy here tripped walking down the stairs and his leg got caught and twisted up bad. That fool’s leg was swollen as shit and for DAYS they wouldn’t give him medical attention! Each day it got professively worse too. In my 8 years of fighting I’ve seen tons of injuries and I know it was either fractured or had torn ligaments. TOday they finally brought him to a doctor and he came back with crutches and they told him it was a “sprain” LMAO! They x-rayed it and it wasn’t broken but gave him no MRI. It is impossible to know what’s wrong without an MRI! And as bad as his WHOLE leg is swollen, it’s far too bad to simply assume it’a sprain and not torn. If it were me I’d raise Hell, but this guy is kind of a dipshit, so I dunno. For 3 days he hopped around with no crutches. I would have gotten crutches on day 1! People let this system get over on them too easily, you gotta fight it when it does wrong. Anyway, today I met the 1st person that ever told me that he was Jesus reincarnated and sent here to save man-kind! LOL! I’ve always heard of that shit but never witnessed it. He actually has a lot of good conspiracy theories and shit, but he definitely lost me with this line, “In the future some will say that Jesus saved the Earth, some will say I did, and some will say it was a combination of both.” Funny shit man… I like talking to him though, it’s really entertaining. Until next week!

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