War Machine Prison Diary – Weeks 25 & 26

More tales of War Machine’s life behind bars are emerging, so expect an enslaught of his blog updates over the course of this week.

To set the scene, the blogs below are from during the festive season, and with around half of his sentence now complete, his number of spells in ‘lockdown’ rising at an alarming rate, and his wife nagging at him for getting into trouble, he has plenty to say for himself.

WEEK 25:

I’m in a really pissed off mood right now. Faggot ass Lt. at the jail gave me 5 days locked down when I thought it’d be just 3. Fuckin’ last week a guy got caught with 3 razor blades in his cell and got 3 days. Other guys get in fights and only get 3 days. Bullshit! 4 of us stayed out a couple minutes extra talking when we were supposed to lock it down, and of course, only I got punished. And I know why just me and why 5 days. That old Polish man that the cops beat the shit out of is filing an official complaint with Internal Affairs and the Lt’s and Sgt’s keep asking him, “Who helped you write the complaint?” They just figured out it was me so they’re punishing me. Well fuck them! Cuz that old man is gonna be able to sue the fuck out of this lame jail, in this lame state, in this lame ass country. Then to top it off, I get an e-mail from my wife bitching at me for getting in trouble and trying to give me a guilt trip. WTF!? She doesn’t even know any details! That type of shit doesn’t fly with me. I just wrote her a mean letter in response and I hate being mean to her cuz I love her and she’s a good wife, but the last thing I need is a guilt trip about shit that I don’t deserve. And it’s been like 55 hours since I’ve had a fucking shower cuz these mother fuckers won’t let me and I’m PISSED! When I sit down to take a shit my fucking nuts smell worse than my ass! LMAO! Merry Fucking Christmas! Lovely AMerica where you get punished for helping a 70 year old man who was brutalized by bully fucking cops. You know, it really sucks for the nice cops cuz all these other pricks, and the fucked up system, give them a bad name.

So it’s Christmas day and I’m laying in my bunk wondering “Why in the hell do American men get married!?” As I write this, there is one guy in here for slapping his wife, one here for yelling at his wife, and one here for beating some guy’s ass that disrespected his wife. WTF!? If your wife is being a bitch you can’t slap her, if your wife is yelling at you, God forbid you yell back, and if some asshole hurts your wife, you can not protect her! LMFAO! What in the FUCK! is REALLY going on!? Next thing you know it will be illegal to fuck your wife! LMAO! Maybe then, MEN in this country will get the fucking hint and MOVE! This country forces you to be a bitch! And then if you resist, you go to jail! And if you give in and become a passive lil’ pansy, your wife is gonna sneak around and get fucked by someone like a single War Machine! HAHA! And believe me, in my day, I have fucked more than one wife who complained about being “sick and tired of wearing the pants in the family.” What a fucking country! De-masculated men left and right, mere sheep for the cowards in political offices to boss around and PLAY tough with. A country that preaches “Violence solves nothing” to it’s masses, but is eager to run off to war with ANY and EVERY country, who refuses it’s verbal bullying.

Encoded in, “All political negotiations and peace talks have fell on deaf ears, so we will now commence a military campaign,” is “they wouldn’t cower to our verbal threats (to do what we want) so now we’re gonna fuck them up, as once again violence is the only REAL answer to any problem.” And ANY one who reads this and preaches against this is just fucking WEAK and a COWARD and you hide behind your words, for only one reason: words always have been, and always will be, your ONLY option. But when you were a lil’ boy… and even now in your dreams at night… you’re a bad-ass, a real tough guy… a cowboy, a gladiator, a fighter pilot, a Navy SEAL, a professional athlete. So why don’t you swallow your shame and be a REAL man for once, and give the country back to REAL MEN and admit! I’m right! And DO SOMETHING to help us! This country has gone SO SOFT that it has left us helpless. The oppression of MEN is worse than oppression of Jews in Nazi germany, worse than the slavery of Blacks in early America… I’m not exaggerating either. Every Jew & every Black man, both in jail and those who have managed to avoid it, will attest to what I have just wrote. I have never written ANYTHING that I wanted to be read/heard more than what I wrote today on Christmas 2010. Fuck it. I got more to write!

There has always been the oppressor and always the oppressed. Before, it was blatant, easy to see, easier to defend. The Indians, the Chinese, the Blacks, the Jews. NOW the oppressor has learned to disguise his evil. You can see man, but you can not see MEN. How easy it is to oppress a minority that is invisible to the eye! How genius of the oppressor! And what a better target too! Jews and Blacks are of no threat to government! They were oppressed because of a prejudice of what was different and of what they didn’t understand. It served no real purpose and was therefore easier to extinguish. But MEN… Men challenge injustice from Government, MEN fight for their Constitutional rights, that are slowly being taken away every year. Those that are not MEN don’t like it when we are around because we expose them for the posers that they are. REAL MEN do what’s right and not what will line the pockets of the few in power… Now you can see why MEN have been chosen to oppress. And they don’t just oppress us by making more laws and taking away more freedom, they are far more clever than that! Ask yourself what your REAL dream was?? If you gave up on this dream, why? Because of the brainwashing of the Government, that’s why! They taught you to “play it safe.” They told us a responsible man has ONE wife, a house, good credit, good job, and kids. How are you supposed to chase your dreams while maintaining all of that!?

Men are supposed to take risks and be aggressive! What accomplishments have ever come of a man scared to risk it all!? None!? Where would the world be? Still ‘flat!’ Still ‘Earth at the center of the universe!’ Where would Brad Pitt be!? He’d be nobody! When he was discovered he was like 26 years old, a waiter, and living out of his car! He wasn’t playing it safe, he was risking it all! On his dream! Being a MAN is BALLS not brawn! So don’t think you were too weak or small to be the MAN I’m talking about. So many of you ARE MEN but you got trapped by the oppressor. Every time you fight the urge to tell your wife “NO!” or you tell your son, “Don’t punch the bully, go tell instead,” YOU ARE LETTING THE OPPRESSOR WIN! Think on it. And here’s a good book to read… It’s a Christian book so it’s a SUPER SOFT way of saying all that I said, but it should inspire you regardless. “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge.

Jon Koppenhaver 10754342

P.S. Before people cry about me comparing the oppression of MEN to the Holocaust and slavery, let me illustrate a few things. The oppressor has learned from history that dead bodies attract too much attention to what’s going on, or YES, there would be millions of dead MEN! They’d love that quick fix! In order to be elusive and to have longevity, the oppressor has learned to kill MEN while their bodies remain alive. And with your ‘spirit extinguished’ you’re nothing but a fucking zombie, a shell of a man, waiting to die. And THAT is just as bad as death itself. The animals at the zoo are as good as dead just as we are, the MEN in America.

WEEK 26:

So it’s the 1st day of the new week and WM is on “lock down” again! LOL! WTF!? The 1st 6 months went so smooth and all of a sudden 2 lockdowns in a couple weeks. Hmm… this time at least I actually did somethin’. This guard was being a prick, so I told him to “fuck off” and called him a “fat ass.” But wtf? #1, why is he being a dick? And #2, why doesn’t the Sheriff’s Department hold their employees to some type of physical fitness standards? Fat fucks like him make all cops look bad and I’m willing to bet no one likes him at work anyway. How could they? Why would you respect someone that has no self-respect? I DGAF, if a man gets so fat that he no longer can see his dick, he’s worthless. Anyway, his rebuttal was, “at least I’m a productive member of society.” LMAO! Any lame fuck can eat himself fat and in turn ruin his own self worth and never go out… So he never can get in trouble and can get a job babysitting grown men at the county jail. LOL! I guarantee I pay more taxes than him, so as far as society goes, just cuz I got in a bar fight and am in jail for a year, doesn’t make him a more “productive member of society” than me. Oh, and he said, “at least I’m not dumb.” I forgot we were back in grade school, who says that? But yeah, I’m sure his fat ass could have maintained a 3.7 GPA at The Citadel as a biology major too.

Anyway, enough of fat boy. I kinda like being on lock down… No celly, room service at meal time, and no celly! The only part that sucks is no visits. And I’m sure my wife is gonna be mad again but then again why get married if you can’t piss your wife off when you have nothing better to do? Haha. Fuck… so sick of this shit… really can’t wait to be home! So I just got a copy of my write up and the Dep. lied his ass off and even said that I threatened to kick his ass! WTF!? I was a lil’ worried about it considering last time I got 5 days for just about nothing. But man, the Sgt. came to talk to me and he was actually fair. He came in here talking like a human… It was nice to see. And the funniest/best part was when I told him I got 5 days for my last one and he was like, “What!? Seriously?” LMAO! He said, “Well I’m def. not gonna give you 5 days, that’s rather excessive.” Anyway, he also told me that I need to control my temper, which of course I know… I really try though, but fuck it’s hard. Being in jail is trying on you. I’m rather proud I haven’t lost it yet. If it wasn’t for the cool Deps. here, like that Sgt., I dunno what I’d do. The assholes really taint your image of them and make you hate them all, but then a nice one gets on duty and relieves that tension. I guess it just goes to show, once again, that you can’t categorize people. You can’t hate ALL cops, ALL blacks, ALL Jews, etc.

Good & bad people follow no real pattern, even laws. There are a few inmates here that are really good people. Shit, they’d make better Deps. than some of the ones here. So even as “criminals” go, they can’t be categorized. Just because one has avoided breaking a law doesn’t make them a good person. Shit, we all know dirt bags that have never been to jail. Just think of some of the people you work with or an ex-friend that fucked you over. Why is there no law against screwing your friend over? Someone who betrays a friend is def. more of a “bad person” than one who gets a DUI, or gets into a bar fight, at least in my book anyway.

So, Jr. Seau’s brother was in here for a week, he was real cool. He said he was gonna sign up at my gym here in San Diego when he gets out, so we will see. Fuck man, there is some new guy in here that I can’t stand. He’s a big, muscly White guy and all he talks about is how “skilled he is and blah blah. He’s one of those guys that trains under some bad ass “master” who gets paid like 15 G’s an hour to travel and train people. But of course, I would have never heard of him because “he only does underground fights.” LMAO!! I can’t stand phony ass dudes… Anyone that randomly talks about how “skilled” and bad ass they are never live up to it. Plus, big guys rarely have any heart anyway. Their whole lives, they never get challenged and everyone just backs down to them due to their size, so when the time comes that someone cracks them, they freak out and fold. Shit, even in MMA, heavyweights are the worst. Alright, I’m out, see ya next week.


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