War Machine’s year inside is almost over.  In exactly a month’s time he’ll be back on the outside, and he’s already making plans for what comes next – and it seems he’s targeted UK promotion BAMMA as a possibility for his comeback fight.

Read more about that and his latest run in with a skinhead in the cell next to him below.

WEEK 45:

Oh shiiitt! It’s June! Can’t fucking believe I’ve been in this shit hole 11 months!! July 15th I’m free! Hell yeah! I’ve been getting in pretty good shape too. Hopefully the transition back to real training will be smooth, can’t wait to fight! OMG! My fingers ache from trying to finish a rough draft of my book by my release. Fuck pencils/paper! I wish I had my MacBook! Once I’m free I’m gonna clean it up nice and try to get it published. I think it will do well, I’ve read several NY Times Best Selling Auto-Bios and wasn’t too impressed. I have done A LOT and learned A LOT. Much more than the people in the book I’ve read, we’ll see though. If nothing else, it killed a lot of time for me in here. Fuck! I’m so excited to get out, I have a lot of high expectations for the future. Anyway, same boring shit in here, people’s lives wasting away. Another guy OD’d and was seizing as they rolled him out on the stretcher, he lived, but there’s something creepy about watching a seizure, I hate it! Gives me the heeby geebies. Anyway, I read a crazy book series by Zecharia Sitchin called “The Earth Chronicles” – you should check it out, makes you think! Also been reading a couple of that guy Pavel Tsatsouline’s books… he says some good shit, a small amount of dumb shit, but overall good. BUT, he CONSTANTLY advertises all his other books, throughout each book, and it’s fucking obnoxious! Makes me not like him as much, but maybe it’s the publisher’s fault? Either way, you should check them out. Alright, more next week! Thanks for the continued e-mails and support!

WEEK 46:

I’m in pretty good shape now, given my circumstances, but doing the same shit over and over again wears on you. Sucks though cuz options are limited when you’re stuck in a cell 24/7. Just need to keep at it another month until I get out so I can hit the gym and be ready to fight ASAP!! I heard BAMMA is having a show on Sept. 10th and I really want on it! That’s only 10 weeks of real training after 12 months of nothing but I’m confident that I’ll bounce back quick and be able to beat some ass by Sept. 10th! Fuck! I hope I can get on that card! And once I’m in shape and got my 1st fight back out of the way, I’m gonna keep on scrappin’ non-stop so promoters EVERYWHERE need to throw fights at me non-stop! Fuck fighting a few times/year – I’m gonna do a Jeremy Horn and fight all the time.

Anyway, sick of all the idiots in here. I sit back and observe and it all makes me sick. Gangs are a joke. They act all righteous and family-like face to face and then they burn one another constantly as soon as they turn around. Bunch of fakers, liars, and cheaters man. I feel bad for the young kids that get sucked into that life, as they look for a sense of family and for male role models. Kids that grow up around that garbage never even had a chance man. I can see that all of these dudes are just human and have goodness in them but the years of the life they’ve lived has conditioned and programmed them into what they are now. Oh well, what can you do? Fuck it, just ready to be back to my life. Really look forward to showing the world that I’m serious and have a new outlook on life! I’m over the dumb shit, just want to do positive and be successful from now on.

So there’s a new skinhead in our module and apparently, he doesn’t approve of me being in “the hole” for the reason which I’m here for. If you haven’t been following my Tweets/blogs, I’m here because 1) I was sick of having cellies and 2) To make sure I don’t get in any fights my last few months. I WANT TO GO HOME, NOT GET NEW CHARGES. He says if I want to remain “active” I need to go back to the “main-line.” LOL. I told him this jail bullshit ain’t my world and that I can care less about being “active.” He then asked why I don’t go to the “PC” module. I said “What for?” He said, “That’s where you go for protective custody.” As if I’m protecting myself from others? I’m protecting myself from myself! Then he kept mentioning how things would be different if there weren’t a door between us. I said, “Why? What difference would it make if it weren’t? I’d beat you up and then what?” LOL. Anyway, if I want to be part of the “white man” I need to go back to “mainline” or go “PC.” Why the fuck would I want to live with child molesters and rats!? Just cuz I don’t want to take part in this world of phony respect and politics I should live with rats and child molesters? Yeah right! Anyway, now the “active” white men are not allowed to talk to me, and in the future if I went to prison again or whatever, I’d get fucked up… blah blah blah. Don’t care and don’t plan on coming back. Jail politics can suck my dick!