Was Tito Ortiz Replaced By Rich Franklin On The Ultimate Fighter?

A couple of week’s ago we wrote an article asking ‘What’s Troubling Tito Ortiz?’ after a series of cryptic posts on his twitter account suggested that all was not well with the former UFC light-heavyweight champion.

“Thinking that life couldn’t get any harder? It just did! Another challenge that god has given me! WOW..,” one of the post stated.

Earlier today we learned that he is no longer set to face Chuck Liddell after the conclusion of TUF Season 11.  Instead Rich Franklin is now reported to be Liddell’s opponent at the UFC 115 event on June 12th.

This has lead to further questions over what has happened to Ortiz, which were only further amplified when Fighters Only claimed that, “Ortiz is out of the fight but not because of injury; he is healthy and is not suffering back problems as some rumours claim. The reason for his withdrawal is known to Fighters Only is something that may significantly impact his future as a fighter, but we cannot report the details at this point.”

Further revelations have emerged later today when MMAJunkie claimed that Ortiz may not have even completed his stint as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter.

“MMAjunkie.com has learned from additional sources that Ortiz was not able to complete the filming of “The Ultimate Fighter 11,” though the reasoning behind his absence wasn’t immediately known.

Those same sources suggested that Franklin was possibly brought in as a replacement coach to finish out the season’s filming, and “Ace” now meets Liddell as an opposing “TUF” coach.”

It’s certainly a puzzling set of circumstances.  Clearly something significant must have happened to Ortiz, but the UFC may be attempting to keep the full details under wraps until the latest season of TUF airs as this will undoubtedly be a focal point of the show.

Since Fighters Only appeared to rule out an injury problem the logical reasons behind Ortiz being replaced would seem to be either an illness of some kind, or perhaps some sort of fallout that’s occurred during the taping of The Ultimate Fighter.

One things for sure, for better or worse there’s never a dull moment when Tito Ortiz is around.


Dana White has denied that Franklin Vs Liddell is in the works, and claims that there is nothing wrong with Ortiz, though he hasn’t confirmed or denied that the fighter was replaced on the show.

Doubts remain however, with MMAJunkie sticking by their original story.  Is it a case of ‘no smoke without fire’ or not?

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