A new gameplay preview of the forthcoming EA Sports UFC video game for PS4 and XBoxOne focuses on martial arts legend Bruce Lee who’s going to be available as a playable character.

The preview features archive clips of Lee in action, in-game footage and the thoughts of UFC stars Jon Jones, Anthony Pettis and UFC president Dana White on th superstar who some believe was the forefather of modern MMA.

This has been something of a masterstroke by EA Sports as even today, over 40 years since his death, Lee remains an iconic figure around the world and that can be seen in the fact that the video below has already been seen over 200,000 times in the 24 hours after it went live, while a previous unveiling of him as a playable character last month has over a million views.

We’ll see whether that’ll help make EA’s first UFC related game a success or not when it launches on June 17th.