Watch Boxer Ricardo Mayorga Win His MMA Debut By Illegal Knee

Outspoken former world champion boxer Ricardo Mayorga finally made his MMA debut last night and as is fitting for a man who’s career in combat sports has always steered towards controversy, he won the bout with an illegal blow after failing to make weight the day before.

When I saw he failed to make weight I mean he got absolutely nowhere near it.  He was originally scheduled to fight his opponent, an 0-1 rookie Canadian named Wesley Tiffer, at 155lbs, though it was then changed to a 160lb catchweight.  Despite that Mayorga then came in at a whopping 176lbs some 23lbs heavier than his opponent, yet the fight was allowed to go ahead as planned.

Nevertheless, for nearly two rounds of their fight Tiffer appeared to be winning by controlling his opponent on the mat, until he failed with a triangle armbar attempt and was then fed an illegal knee to the spine by Mayorga which lead to Tiffer being unable to continue and the boxer being handed a highly dubious ‘win’.

It should be noted that this event took place in Mayorga’s home turf in Nicoragua which might explain how the fight went ahead in the first place and how the illegal knee was overlooked.  Oh, and why a fireworks display was set off after his victory!

This wasn’t the first time Mayorga has attempted to make his MMA debut – he was originally slated to fight Din Thomas back in 2010 at an ill-fated Shine Fights event that was cancelled on the night of the show.  The build-up to that fight had been surrounded in controversy too after Mayorga initiated a scuffle with Thomas at the pre-fight press conference.

Check out the full fight below.


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