Watch Brock Lesnar In Training For His Fight With Shane Carwin

In a new training video released by Brock Lesnar’s camp the current UFC heavyweight champion looks to have recovered well from his battle with diverticulitis, which is just as well as he’s now less than a month away from his comeback fight with Shane Carwin.

Check out the video below which includes Lesnar giving fellow UFC fighter Chris Tuchscherer some nasty looking knees.

And here’s another two videos in which Lesnar talks about his comeback fight with Carwin, and what he likes to do when he’s not beating people up in the octagon.


  1. I really enjoy watching Lesnar train, as a genetic freak and also just the raw atheleticism. However, compared to UFC’s all access with him before he had his first fight with Frank Mir, these are pretty tame and much of the same old. Instead of him blasting it at the gym, I’d like to see him to some rolling on the mats or even what his sparring partners think of his mauy-thai and boxing.

    I understand he’s probably trying to keep it under wraps, but it would be nice to see what he’s working with.

  2. It’s a real shame that he turned down the opportunity to do a UFC Primetime show ahead of the fight with Carwin. I think it could have been something special and would perhaps have given some insight into how well he’s recovered from his illness.


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