Watch Brock Lesnar’s UFC 141 Pre-Fight Interview

Brock Lesnar finally returns to action in less than a fortnight as he takes on Alistair Overeem in a fight he believes will catapult him back to the top of the heavyweight division.

“I’m knocking on the door to be the heavyweight champion again,” Lesnar says in his pre-fight promo video for the UFC. “I’ve got this fight against Alistair to get through and this guy is not going to stand in my way. There’s no way in hell that I’m going to let that happen.”

Assessing his opponents strengths it’s clear that Lesnar is well aware of the Dutchman’s striking prowess.

“He’s very versatile on his feet, he’s got a long range both with his hands and his legs,” Lesnar notes.

Overeem’s also the only fighter to hold both a major MMA title and a K-1 belt at the same time and he’s vastly more experienced than the former UFC champion, but nevertheless Lesnar has an unshakable belief in his own abilities.

“I don’t care how many fights he’s had or where his career has been. When the door shuts and it’s time to go, he’ll know really quickly that he’s got a fight on his hands.

“In my mind he’s in over his head.He doesn’t know, he doesn’t understand who he’s going to enter the Octagon with.”

Lesnar thinks that the desire to win could be a telling factor in the fight, and that’s something he has in abundance.

At the end of the day it’s going to come down to will and who wants this fight more, and at the end of the day Brock Lesnar wants this fight more than Alistair Overeem”

Watch the full interview below.


  1. FigHt like you’re kicking someoNe’s ass, don’t worry about being Mr. MMA… Look at how Herring was equally more experienced, so was Mir. Did they, or did they not- Get utterly deStroyed?!
    Carwin too. But you see a gLimpse into the ‘mma overthink’ that lost him the fight against VelasQueeze during his match with Shane… Instead of just doing your thing, doing what got you to the big show in the first place- there was all this business about how to become Mr.Well-rounded’ tOo quickly. Ask Sonnen if wrestling-base plus ‘beat your ass’ works. Ask Chad Mendes (

  2. Ask Fitch, ask Chandler! Does the weight class matter? I think not. Become more well-rounded and advance your overall mma Game OVER TIME.


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