Watch Chael Sonnen Argue With Michael Landsberg And Then Walk Of His Show

UFC trash-talking expert Chael Sonnen is well known for his controversial interviews, but he took it up a notch earlier this week when he got into a heated verbal confrontation with Michael Landsberg on Canadian show, ‘Off The Record’ and then walked off the set while the camera’s were still rolling.

Landsberg has interviewed a number of UFC stars in the past, with Canadian superstar Georges St.Pierre being a frequent guest, while Dana White has also visited the show.

He can have a somewhat confrontational style of questioning at times and while I’m just going purely from gut instinct I suspect that Sonnen was aware of this going into the interview and decided to turn the tables on him. As always for Sonnen it’s a case of ‘all publicity is good publicity.’

I won’t spoil it by writing what was said, it’s one of those moment’s that’s best witnessed for yourself so check it out below.


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