It’s fair to say it was complete and utter pandemonium today at the final UFC 189 World Tour press conference in Dublin, Ireland.

The Irish crowd generated enough noise to rival a packed soccer stadium and tensions between Aldo and McGregor threatened to spill over into a physical confrontation.

The highlight of the at times chaotic presser came after Aldo tried to dismiss the idea that he was shaken by the hostile atmosphere, declaring himself “The King Of Ireland.”

That set off McGregor who thumped his feet up on the desk in front of him as he shouted to Aldo that he was looking at the King of Dublin. To emphasize the point ‘Notorious’ then got up, reached across the podium and swiped up Aldo’s featherweight belt before either Dana White or the champion could stop him.

McGregor held it aloft as White did his best to fend off the angry Aldo who was trying to get the belt back while the crowd reached fever pitch.

Security staff then also got involved, the belt was eventually returned to it’s rightful owner and things calmed down enough for the two fighters to get back in their seats.

Check out the moment for yourselves below.

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