Watch Fabricio Werdum’s Joke To Fedor Emelianenko Go Down Like A Lead Balloon

What would you say if you happened to bump into somebody in an elevator who you happened to have beaten up just a few months ago?

That was the predicament former Strikeforce fighter Fabricio Werdum faced when he found himself in an elevator with heavyweight superstar Fedor Emelianenko and his high priest last year, not long after he himself had brought an end to the Russian’s remarkable 10 year unbeaten run.

Luckily for us Dr Andy Nguyen from ChokeOutTV happened to be on that elevator with his camera ready to record what happened next, and he’s now shared the footage with the world.

So what did Werdum say? In an attempt to break the ice he decided to crack a joke.

“I lived two years in Croatia,” Werdum tells them before starting to tell them the phrases he learned.

“Good morning…good afternoon….good evening,” he says in Croatian to polite nods and smiles rom Fedor and his high priest, before finally adding, “…I f*ck your mother.”

As you’ll see in the full video below the joke goes down like a lead balloon and the resulting silence in the elevator was deafening.

Great stuff.


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