Watch Footage From Forthcoming Evan Tanner Documentary

I’ve only ever followed one person’s blog closely – the late Evan Tanner’s.

It was fascinating because he was taking a unique path through life, and one that had plenty of twists and turns along the way.  More than anything else I just liked how humble and sincere he was.

At the same time some days I just checked his blog to make sure he was OK as you were never quite sure what was going to happen to him from one day to the next.

I still remember the uneasy feeling I got when I read him document his plans to head out to the desert on his motorcycle for a few days, despite his assurances that everything was going to be OK, and the sadness I felt when I read that he had died during the trip.

Now, almost two years after his death, a long-planned documentary on his life is finally nearing completion, with only UFC president Dana White’s thought’s still to be recorded and added to a huge collection of family, friends and fighters who have contributed to the film.

Below you can hear a brand new interview with the director of the film, Gerard Smith, along with some outtakes from the production, including the thoughts of Rich Franklin, who fought Tanner in his UFC debut back in April of 2003.

Also, be sure to watch more clips from the film via YouTube.

Director Gerard Smith:

Rich Franklin:

Evan’s Friend Johnny:

Evan’s Friend Wade:


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