Watch Frank Mir Trying To Conquer His Fear Of Heights

In a new video posted on his twitter account former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir tries to conquer his fear of heights by jumping off a diving platform at a swimming pool.

As you’ll see for yourself in the video below it takes him quite some time to psyche himself up to actually jump. Meanwhile he’s put to shame by the old white haired guy that’s with him who say, “I’m afraid of heights too,” and then proceeds to do a backwards summersault off the platform!

Diving aside, another thing that’s noticeable is that Mir looks slimmer than when we last saw him in his defeat to Shane Carwin at UFC 111 back in March. It appears he is indeed looking to rethink his strategy after recently went on a strength and conditioning program to bulk up to 265lbs.

More recently he raised a few eyebrows in MMA circles by suggesting he was now contemplating moving down to the 205lb division.

Check out the diving video below.

Speaking of conquering his fears, check out this video below from back in 2008 in which Frank Mir goes through perhaps the most detailed and honest account of the emotions a fighter goes through before a fight your ever likely to hear.

He might need some more work on his diving skills, but considering he’s stepped into the octagon to face his nemesis Brock Lesnar twice, and another heavyweight giant in Shane Carwin, it’s fair to say he’s conquered his fear of fighting.

Incidentally, if that’s not enough heavyweight fear conquering action for you then why not check out Roy Nelson attempt a jump in TJ Lavin’s backyard on a BMX bike here.


  1. Frank Mir needs to learn how to control his emotions and have more confidence before a fight. If he can do this, he can save more energy and better concentrate on what he needs to do to win. His nervousness or lack of confidence before the fight is most probably responsible for his recent lack luster performances and losses. However, he appears to be very thoughtful and entertaining.


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