On the eve of his latest title fight at UFC 129 a new video has emerged of UFC welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre being put through his paces on the Sports Science show.

It shows the superstar, widely considered to be on the of top 2 best pound-for-pound MMA fighters in the world, excelling in a number of different areas, including punching, kicking and takedowns.

Check out his results below…

  • Compared to most fighters GSP is only performing at 85% of his maximum when they are at 100%.
  • GSP’s punch was measured at 2859 lbs of force
  • His kick recorded 3477 lbs of force
  • A single punch/kick combo registerd at 6000+ lbs of force and took under 1 second to perform.
  • St. Pierre’s takedown generates 2400 watts of power in 1.17 second which ties with Rashad Evans despite the fact he’s two divisions above GSP.
  • Georges St. Pierre’s superman punch moves at 15 feet/second, or two times as fast as his normal punch.

Impressive stuff, though personally I draw a big question mark over some of Sports Science results these days.  For instance, they suggest that GSP has a stronger punch than Cain Velasquez (who measured 2230lbs of force), a more powerful kick than ‘Shogun’ Rua (who was recorded at 2749lbs of force) which is very hard to believe given that they are several weight classes above him, and especially as GSP is not known as a devastating striker.

So that’s worth bearing that in mind as you check out the UFC star in action below.

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