Watch Jason Mayhem Miller On Joe Rogans Podcast

Strikeforce fighters and star of MTV’s ‘Bully Beatdown’, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller was the guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast this week.

Needless to say topics like the infamous Strikeforce: Nashville brawl and Mayhem’s Bully Beatdown show were amongst the topics of conversation. Mayhem also revealed that a fight with Nick Diaz could be in the works, and branded him “retarded”.

Check out a bunch of videos featuring the MMA segments of their discussion below.

On The Strikeforce Brawl:

On Nick Diaz:

On Rampage Vs Rashad & Lesnar Vs Mir:

More on the Strikeforce brawl, the UFC and Bully Beatdown:

On Japan and K-1:


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