Best known for being the long-time commentator for the UFC as well as a successful comedian, Joe Rogan is also an accomplished martial artist who won several karate tournaments during his youth.

In a new video clip Rogan puts his Tae Kwon Do skills to good use as he teaches the correct way to perform the spinning back kick, or the turning side kick as he calls it.

As you’ll see the man generates some serious force from his kicks, and as an added bonus you’re also getting to see a rare look inside his own personal gym.  Oh and his BJJ instructor and good friend Eddie Bravo is behind the camera and a random lizard crops up at one point, ensuring that this is 3.12mins of your life well spent.


  1. Looks like more of a push-kick to me. A truly placed kick, that distributes the force properly should simply buckle the bag like an accordian, and then it will unfold quickly back in place. When he hits that thing, all it does is fly forward. It would hurt sure, but it wouldn’t finish you. Plus, after the kick, he falls forward into his stance, meaning he is off balance and not in control of his body, a result of a pushing type kick. This also means that if he missed an opponent, he would be way off balance and vulverable to a counter.

    But hey, what do I know, I’ve only been studying traditional martial arts for 25 years? I’m sure people with less experience will disagree.