UFC 135 headliners Jon Jones and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson got into a heated arguement tonight during an interview with Joe Rogan during the UFC Fight Night 25 broadcast on Spike TV.

The first verbal jab was thrown by Jones who stated that he’s been watching tape of Jackson’s past fights and that,“while he’s playing video games I’m watching him.”

Rampage retorted by saying, “We know he’s watching, he’s watching my training and everything,” – a reference to a claim from the former champion a few weeks ago that Jones had placed a spy in his training camp in Colorado.

Jones then fired back by claiming that this was just a convenient excuse for Rampage in case he lost the fight.

“I think you are setting yourself up for failure. You said it at the press conference – ‘I always have an excuse for why I lost,’ and after this fight you can tell everyone that you want to tell that I had a spy in your camp, and I hope that makes you feel better.”

Rampage shrugged this off, but his annoyance started to rise as the interview came to a conclusion and could be heard saying, “Jon, you’re getting destroyed. You’re getting destroyed, homie.”

Watch the full interview below courtesy of IronForgesIron.

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