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Watch Matt Dwyer’s Superman Punch KO Against Patolino At UFC Fight Night 61

UFC Fight Night 61 In Porto Alegre, Brazil last night seemed to be operating in some kind of a parallel universe with 10 underdogs in a row emerging victorious amongst other oddities such as the memorable moment when Matt Dywer knocked out Patolino with a superman punch in the prelims.

It’s not that we haven’t seen the superman punch before, it’s a fairly common sight in the Octagon and even greats like Georges St. Pierre like to throw it, but it’s usually a flashy move to catch an opponent off-guard rather than relieve them of their senses.

Even Patolino’s body seemed unwilling to accept that he’d been KO’d by the punch for a second or two last night as he wobbled on unsteady legs before falling head first onto the canvas. It was the placement of the punch, appearing to catch him right on the temple, rather than the power of it that seemed to temporarily short-circuit the Brazilian’s brain and granted Dwyer a highlight reel finish and his first win inside the octagon.

Watch a replay of the finish for yourselves below.

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