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Watch New Dana White In-Depth Interview With Graham Bensinger

Recently UFC President Dana White sat down with ESPN reporter Graham Bensinger for an in-depth discussion about his life and the development of the UFC.

Included in the interview are topics such as:

– White’s rough childhood growing up in Boston with an alcoholic dad.

– The UFC president’s meeting with The Mob that lead to him fleeing to Las Vegas.

– Making the decision to purchase the UFC when it was down and out, and the struggle to build it back up.

– The evolution of MMA and the UFC from the ‘human cockfighting’ days.

– Why the UFC is safer than the NFL and cheerleading.

– Rebuffing claims that UFC fighters are underpaid.

– The struggle to get MMA legalized in NYC.

– Dana’s delight at their recent TV deal with FOX.

– Why he respects Michael Vick.

– His collection of sports memorabilia and Ferraris.

Check out the full interview below courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

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