Pat Curran became Bellator’s new featherweight champion last night at Bellator 60 after knocking out Joe Warren in the most devastating fashion possible.

Bellator were then quick to upload highlights of their latest ‘Bellator moment’ online, but for some reason they chose to heavily edit the fight-ending sequence.

It’s unclear why, but perhaps it was due to the extended nature of the beating that Warren took. In it’s entirety it was one of the most brutal and drawn-out beatings I’ve ever seen a fighter have to endure without the referee stepping in and putting an end to his misery.

Pretty much anyone who’s seen it agrees the ref made a big mistake, and it was really only the cage that was keeping Warren standing.

Check out the highlights below, but bear in mind you’re seeing just an eight second snippet of a sequence that in reality was around 30 seconds of unanswered punches and knees.