Watch Paul Kelly Vs Dennis Siver Fight At UFC 105

One of the most talked about fights of UFC 105, Paul Kelly Vs Dennis Siver, occurred during the prelims and so many fans have yet to see it.

During the second round of the fight Siver caught Kelly in the midsection with a spinning back kick that dropped his opponent and earned him the $40,000 Knockout Of The Night award.

Kelly did however show great heart by trying to fight on, but the damage was clear to see when he struggled to his feet and the referee quickly called a halt to the proceedings.

The full fight is now available to watch free via from the following link: : Paul Kelly Vs Dennis Siver

Also view our article comparing Siver and Andre Winner’s K.O’s from UFC 105, including GIFS HERE

Just click the ‘watch now’ button. (Note: Most people are able to view this without a problem but a glitch means that a few people aren’t able to see the ‘watch now’ button.  If you are one of them, try refreshing your browser.)


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