Female MMA star Ronda Rousey has had a remarkable rise to prominence in the sport after just four fights.

She’s currently embracing the media spotlight as she prepares for her first title shot against Meisha Tate in March with her latest interview coming on Fuel TV’s ‘Attack Of The Show’.

It’s really interesting to see how quickly she’s grown into the role of the outspoken, feisty voice of female MMA in the space of just a few months, and in this interview she is in particularly rare form.

Check it out below as she holds court, happily laying claim to the ‘most dangerous unarmed woman in the world’ title while simultaneously letting the audience know that she could kill them all one-by-one, before describing a physical altercation she had with an unruly group at the cinema and then finishing off by hip-tossing the presenter of the show.