This weekend is a little quiet as far as major MMA action goes, but if you’re desperated for your fight fix then we’ve got something for you.

Friday night saw the ninth event from one of North America’s leading regional promotions Tachi Palace Fights, and there was some quality fights on show.

Amongst the notable fighters on show were recent UFC evictees like Gerald Harris, Efrain Escudero and Fabricio Camoes along with some quality bouts from the often overlooked flyweight’s (125lbs) – a division that the UFC has expressed an interest in adding to it’s ranks in the next year or two.

Watch the full main card below courtesy of

Efrain Escudero Vs Fabricio Camoes:

Gerald Harris Vs Anthony Ruiz:

Mamoru Yamaguchi Vs Kevin Dunsmoor:

Ian McCall Vs Dustin Ortiz:

Jorge Lopez Vs Waachiim Spiritwolf:

Isaac Dejesus Vs Russ Miura: