Yesterday the UFC revealed that fans will be able to watch the undercard for the major ‘UFC On FOX 1’ show via either Facebook or, while the main event between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos will be broadcast live on FOX.

How will UK fans be able to watch the title fight on November 12th though? Today Premier Sports announced that they will be showing the event live.

“Premier Sports are delighted to announce our latest UFC offering. The massive heavyweight title fight featuring Velasquez vs. Dos Santos on Sunday 13th Nov, 2am will be live and free-view only on Sky channel 433.”

Unfotunately Virgin Media customers, who usually enjoy UFC coverage via ESPN UK, don’t have access to Premier Sports.

However, while it’s not been officially confirmed yet it’s likely that they will be catered for at UFC.TV as was the case earlier this month when UFC On Versus 5 also aired on Premier Sports.


  1. espn uk is the channel for ufc in england so wtf is going on here, better not have to pay for 1 fight on when i pay for espn uk for my ufc. nobheads

  2. Hopefully if it does stream on UFC.TV it will be free for UK fans as that’s the way they worked it the last time an event was on Premier Sports. No guarantees though as so far there’s been no official word from the UFC on this matter.

  3. I will for one NOT be part of the so called UFC expansion through FOX deal, I wonder how many more will miss the UFC because are on virgin media and FX in UK is not going to show the event. I was so happy when I heard the FOX deal, so thrilled for the sport and for the fans because everyone got FX on digital box and for FREE (part of package), and now I am very disappointed with UFC and Fox network, feeling back stabbed…