Watch UFC Primetime: Diaz Vs Condit Episode 1 (Full Video)

The UFC premiered the first episode of UFC Primetime: Diaz Vs Condit on FX last night after their first live event on the channel, and it definitely falls into the category of must-see TV.

Much of the focus of the episode is on Condit as we see him both at home with his family taking care of his young son, and at Greg Jackson’s MMA facility where he’s honing his skills for the interim title showdown.

The really powerful and memorable moments come from during a five minute segment at the end of the show which focuses on Diaz, even going as far as to get the thoughts of his second grade teacher who hasn’t seen him since then, but when she was shown video of him now says he still acts exactly as she remembered him.

“You ask me why he gets upset?” Diaz first mixed martial arts coach Steve Heath says at one stage. “It’s his inability to express himself verbally. That’s why he’s a fighter, but when he gets in that ring he’s a poet. He’s a poet in motion.”

Good stuff, and there’s still two episodes to come as the build-up to next month’s fight continues.

For now though, check out yesterday’s full episode below.


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