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Watch UFC’s Michael Bisping Acting In Hollyoaks (UK Soap)

The UFC’s biggest UK star Michael Bisping, who headlined last weekend’s UFC 120 fight card in London, England, has become the latest fighter to try his hand at the acting game.

Bisping is set to appear in popular British soap ‘Hollyoaks Later ‘ on October 25th.  According to the TV guide the episode revolves around, “cage fighting.”

“Liam’s older brother Nathan was a huge fan of footballer Carl Costello… until Carl ruined Liam’s career by breaking his leg, that is! Nathan managed to reform Liam’s career by helping him to become a cage-fighting champion, but nonetheless Nathan is hell-bent on revenge. Nathan has made Liam invite Riley and Seth along to their cage fighting event and after party. Just what dark plan does Nathan have in store for the Costello boys?”

Watch the first clip of ‘The Count’ in action playing a role he’s well accustomed to – the bad guy – below…

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