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Watch UFC’s Pat Barry Competing In A Grappling Tournament

Everybody knows that UFC heavyweight Pat Barry is a deadly striker, but equally it’s common knowledge that his ground game is still a major weak point.

Apparently Barry is working to address that issue however, as is apparent in new footage that has emerged of him competing at ‘Combat Corner 6,’ a submission grappling tournament this weekend.

Going up against two big opponents it’s evident that Barry’s grappling is still very raw at this stage, but gaining experience in tournaments like this can only help him in the Octagon.

Watch both matches below, and pay close attention to 1.19mins of his fight with Hamlin when Barry shows a rather acrobatic escape from a standing guillotine choke.

Pat Barry Vs Matt Hamlin:

Pat Barry Vs John Ruiz:


Advanced (No Gi) +225 lbs

1-Matt Hamlin (Submit Sport)

2-Jose Ruiz (Submit Sport)

3-Pat Barry (Roufusport/LCCT)

White Belt (With Gi) +225 lbs

1-Josh Dunn (Neutral Ground)

2-Kirk Will (Neutral Ground)

3-Pat Barry (Roufusport/LCCT)

Videos courtesy of SubmitSport

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