WEC 48: Early PPV Estimates Looking Good

Zuffa officials have reason to be cheerful today as early estimates for the WEC’s first ever pay-per-view event look extremely positive.

The break-even point for the event was projected to be 75,000, and according to heavy.com cable industry insiders it will do that and more, with the early estimate suggesting somewhere in the region of 150,000 – 200,000 buys.  If that proves to be true that’s an excellent result for the promotion, more than many, including myself had expected.

The WEC is still very much the UFC’s little sister, but thanks to some clever marketing which blurred the lines between the two promotions in the days leading up to the event it appears that Zuffa have managed to make this experiment a success.

It’s good news all round – particularly for the fighters themselves who have the potential to earn considerably more money on pay-per-view than they would otherwise.

With a successful event now under their belts it will be interesting to see how long Zuffa will wait before attempting a second PPV offering, and if they continue to develop the ‘non-branded’ theme.


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